S.W.A.T Quest & Mission is a lifetime experience and fun made out of the most dangerous and action full profession in world — Police SWAT special

In the day of the mission you will go thru different type of quests that will bring you into situations that in real life you will never experience.
From real action guns, boats, bomb replicas to real investigation, fun, comedy, spy cars and army transport vehicles. We will not tell more as thats the part of quest, but believe me — there is nothing like it.

  1. WHEN - Dates to be negotiated with every group, please contact us.

  2. WHERE - Riga, Latvia

  3. WHAT'S INCLUDED - Outfit (Outdoor jacket, t-shirt, hat, leg holster, aluminium bottle, belt, gloves), Meals all day long, Drinks {including premium alcoholic), Transportation from mission to mission, Acessories for mission execution, Aftermovie.
  4. HOW MANY PARTICIPANTS - 14 persons max

  5. PRICE - a private event 24500 euro tax included, a public event is 1750 euro per person tax included.

Our Contacts


Duntes iela 19A, Rīga, LV-1005


+371 28 66 1773



The event takes around 7 hours and we will do around 12 missons;

It's EASY, we want this to be a fun day, not an exhausting day in army.
Dont worry, before every quest we do a investigation about our participants, so will adjust every mission

YES, we like to see women in this quest and many missions have been specially made for ladies.

BLACK sports shoes and BLACK Jeans - the rest will be given from us.
If its a sunny day, take BLACK sunglasses with you.

Every event is filmed by professional camera team, and after event you will receive a 2min video as trailer and a 60 min Full Movie about the day, so every participant is in main role in his mission and part of the day.

Yes, there will be a professional team all day around you and licenced professionals for use of guns and other specific moments.

Already 15 years event agency “Q Events’ is known by organizing thrilling ideas to non-standart solution and perfect performance. We love adventure and we are not satisfied with simplicity. We do things what everyone else thinks it is too hard.

So, everything you need is desire to experience unforgettable event and our competent and professional employees will do all the rest.

We have proven ourselves by organizing various types of events and concerts, from Gumball3000 rally to Playboy and Fashion TV events as well as the famous Fashion & Show in Latvia, and concerts hosted by stars such as Afrojack, Nelly, Fatman Scoop, Sigala, Xzibit, EVE, Burak Yeter, AlexGaudino and many others events as well as organized an international Road Trip Mission adventure across several continents.

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